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Training Courses in

Clinical Embryology

For Assisted Reproductive

Technologies practitioners

Training courses are comprised of theory and practicals that will be conducted within the clinical ART laboratory set-up. Trainees will have ample opportunity to interact with the embryologists and observe procedures that are performed within the ART laboratory. Upon completion of his training, the trainee would have acquired knowledge and practical experience in ART.

The courses are for 5 days or 10 days. The 10-day training courses are designed for trainees who need to acquire more ART experience in a clinical set-up. The syllabus will be dependent on the applicant's experience and background; each will be tailored individually. There will be only one trainee at any one time in each of the courses outlined below.

On completion of the Course, the Trainee will receive a joint certificate from Embryonics International and the Parkway Group of Hospitals.

1. Comprehensive course on Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART)

This course aims to introduce the student to the basics of assisted conception. Theory and practicals are conducted simultaneously whenever possible. There will be no practical training on oocyte retrieval, embryo culture, grading, freezing and embryo transfer. However, the student is encouraged to observe these procedures.


  1. Andrology – Semen analysis, sperm preparation for IUI, sperm freezing/thawing
  2. Embryology – Oocyte collection, handling and identification, oocyte grading, IVF, ICSI, embryo culture and grading, embryo freezing, embryo transfer.
  3. Laboratory maintenance
  4. Record keeping

5-day course fees: S$8,000
10-day course fees: S$13,800

2. Course on Andrology

This course introduces to the student the fundamentals in Andrology. The student will be given theory and practical training in semen analysis, sperm preparation, sperm freezing and record keeping.

5-day course fees: S$4,000
10-day course fees: S$6,800

3. Course on Embryology

This is a comprehensive course that aims to introduce to the student the fundamentals of Embryology (pre-implantation). Practical training in oocyte handling, embryo handling, embryo culture, embryo freezing/thawing, IVF and ICSI will be provided. The student will also be taught on oocyte and embryo grading and embryo transfer. The importance of laboratory maintenance, quality control measures and good record keeping will also be stressed during the course.

5-day course fees: S$8,000
10-day course fees: S$15,800

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