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Staff Photos
depicting staff activies


Professor Ng Soon-Chye

Lab Staff :

Dr. Chen Naiqing
Chief Embryologist

Mdm Kong Sow Chan
Senior Embryologist
& Lab Manager

Ms Siaw Kai Ying
Senior Embryologist

Ms Gwen Wong



Visit to Biohealth Science Dept, University of Malaya; together with staff from Johns Hopkins, Singapore.
Goat Farm (on visit to University of Malaya)

Dr. Gabor Vajta, a pioneer in vitrification, visited us from Denmark and shared his invaluable experiences with our lab staff.  


Prof. Ng & Dr. Chen visited the Kunming Institute of Zoology in China in December 2004.

From left : Lab Manager (Dept. of Primate Biology), Prof. Ng, Prof. Zhou Qi, Dr. Chen

Prof. Ng is also an avid bird-watcher.

Here in one of his bird-watching field trips.


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