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ICSI Baby Photos

These are photos of babies conceived by ICSI. (photos courtesy of our patients)

Prof. Ng & his 'IVF twin boys' Arnold (left) and Albert (right), born on 15th November 1995 in NUH. They were born one minute apart. They are the results of their parents' 12th attempt on IVF.

The Troika -- triplets conceived by ICSI


Our first ICSI baby was born in October 2004.

A healthy 2.7kg boy conceived by ICSI-TESE, a procedure that involves the injection of a viable testicular sperm into the egg, was delivered by Professor Ng Soon-Chye, Director of Embryonics Interntaional and Senior Consultant of O&G Partners Fertility Centre.

Six months later :

          Three years later

   Younger sister was born in July 2007



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Twin girls born in December 2004 :

ICSI boy :

Triplets born in Oct 2007: