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Staff Photos
depicting staff activies


Professor Ng Soon-Chye

Lab Staff :

Dr. Liow Swee-Lian
Lab Manager & Chief

Dr. Chen Naiqing

Ms Yu Yu Khine

Ms Kong Sow Chan

The luxurious annual staff dinner was held in Ritz Carlton in November 2005.


Visit to Biohealth Science Dept, University of Malaya; together with staff from Johns Hopkins, Singapore.
Goat Farm (on visit to University of Malaya)

Dr. Gabor Vajta, a pioneer in vitrification, visited us from Denmark and shared his invaluable experiences with our lab staff.  


Prof. Ng & Dr. Chen visited the Kunming Institute of Zoology in China in December 2004.

From left : Lab Manager (Dept. of Primate Biology), Prof. Ng, Prof. Zhou Qi, Dr. Chen

Prof. Ng is also an avid bird-watcher.

Here in one of his bird-watching field trips.

Dr. Dianna Payne and Dr. Chang Wancun, visited us from Australia.

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