Day 1 Thursday 5th June 2008  
0745 Registration  
0815 Welcome Address Prof S C Ng
0830 Ovarian Stimulation with Gonadotrophins, Natural Cycles etc. Dr. J Kumar
0900 Oocyte Retrieval and Embryo Replacement Dr. J Kumar
0930 Management of Abnormal Responses in Stimulation Dr. L C Foong
1000 Handling the oocyte and embryo in the laboratory; between the OR and the ER Dr. Chen NQ
1030 Tea Break  
1100 Sperm abnormalities and influence on ART Dr. Liow SL
1130 Gene expression and genome activation of embryos Dr. Paul Robson
1200 Complications in ART: OHSS, Multiple pregnancies, etc. Prof. S C Ng
1230 Lunch Break (photography session)  
  Hands-on Practical  
1400-1700 Ovarian tissue freezing  
  Vitrification of oocytes and embryos  
  Assisted hatching of embryos using acidic thyrode and laser  
  Embryo Biopsy  
1900 Welcome dinner  
Day 2 Friday 6th June 2008  
0800 Laboratory management in an ART set-up Dr. Liow SL
0830 Managing PCOD patients Dr. Lan Vuong Thi Ngoc
0900 Pregnancy outcomes; Long term effects Prof S C Ng
0930 Case Discussions Prof S C Ng, Dr. J Kumar, Dr. LC Foong, Dr. Vuong Lan
1000 Tea Break  
1030 In-vitro maturation of oocytes Dr Ho Manh Tuong
1100 Cytogenetics of embryos; PGD in ART A/Prof Sam Chong
1130 Cryopreservation of human oocytes and embryos Dr. Chen NQ
1200 Certificate presentation for lecture-only paticipants Mrs Leow Gek Tiang
Divisional Vice President, Singapore Operations, Parkway Health
1230 Lunch Break  
  Hands-on Practical  
1400-1700 Semen Analysis - Kruger's Method, Hyaluronan-Binding Assay  
  Sperm Preparation for IUI, IVF and ICSI  
  Sperm Freezing - ejaculated and testicular sperm  
  Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)  
Day 3 Saturday 7th June 2008  
  Hands-on Practical  
0800 PGD  
1200 Closing remark and certificate presentation for hands-on participants Mrs Leow Gek Tiang
Parkway Health