Course Programme

Friday 12 May 2006 : Lectures

07:45 Registration
08:15 Welcome Address Dr. C P Lim
08:30 Overview of Infertility Prof. S C Ng
09:00 Ovarian Stimulation with Gonadotrophins, Natural Cycles etc. Dr. J Kumar
09:30 Management of Abnormal Responses in Stimulation Dr. L C Foong
10:00 Tea Break
10:30 Special Clinical Situations: PCOD, End-Organ Failures etc. Dr. L C Foong
11:00 Oocyte Retrieval and Embryo Replacement Dr. J Kumar
11:30 Complications in ART: OHSS, Multiple Pregnancies etc. Prof. S C Ng
12:00 Case Discussions Prof. S C Ng,
Dr. J Kumar,
Dr. L C Foong
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 The Influence of Sperm and Oocyte Quality on the Outcome of an IVF Cycle Dr. N Q Chen

Fertilization and Embryo Development
   - Process of Fertilization
   - Factors that Influence Embryo Development and Quality of Embryos In-Vitro

Dr. S L Liow
14:45 Cryopreservation of Oocytes and Embryos Prof. G Vajta
15:15 Tea Break
15:45 Chromosomal and Molecular Abnormalities in Gametes and Embryos Prof. G Vajta
16:15 Genetics in Abnormal Spermatogenesis Dr. S L Liow
16:35 Pregnancy Outcomes; Long-term Effects Prof. S C Ng
17:05 Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Dr. C Yap, Dr. S Chong
17:50 In the Laboratory: Starting a New Lab, Maintenance, Quality Control, Preparing for an IVF Cycle Dr. N Q Chen
18:20 Certificate Presentation Dr. T Low
19:00 Dinner

Saturday 13 May 2006 : Hands-on

08:00 Sperm Prep for ICSI; Oocyte and Embryo Handling; Culture Systems Dr. S L Liow,
Dr. N Q Chen,
Ms. W Y Yip
10:00 Tea Break  
10:30 Cryo-Preservation -- Computerized Control and Vitrification Prof. G Vajta
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 ICSI Dr. S L Liow
15:30 Tea Break
16:00 Chemical and Laser Assisted Hatching; Embryo Biopsy Dr. N Q Chen
17:30 Closing Remarks and Certificate Presentation Dr. T Low

The official language of the seminar is English. There will be no simultaneous translation.

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